Acoustic Guitars

Our specialty is acoustic guitars. We are dealers for and stock a large range of Cole Clark, Maton, Martin, Cort, Martinez, Guild and Tanglewood acoustics.


“A Maton acoustic guitar will take you on an endless journey”

Maton is one of our best brands here at Crossroads Music and a very popular guitar. We always have a good range in stock, from the Mini’s to the new SRS Series, and other models available within a day or two of ordering.





Martin have been building guitars for over 175 years.  We stock a large range of Martins and have in depth expertise of their products. Martin has earned an unparalleled reputation for dedication to exceptional quality and focus on one product – superbly well-crafted acoustic guitars. Their integrity and commitment to quality has maintained a level of respect in the marketplace that very few companies can boast. During the company’s long history, Martin branched out into related fields, producing mandolins in the late 1800s, and becoming one of the top manufacturers of ukuleles in the 1920s. With the acquisition of the Darco String Company in 1970, quality fretted instrument strings have now become an integral part of C. F. Martin & Co.’s operations.
Responsible for creating a number of industry standards through the years, C.F. Martin & Co. developed “X-bracing,” the 14-fret guitar and the “Dreadnought” size – all of which have been copied by virtually every acoustic guitar manufacturer in the world. Recently Martin Guitar was honored by Readers Digest (“Americas 100 Best”) and heralded by the New York Times (“Saving Trees is Music to Guitar Makers’ Ears”) for helping pioneer the guitar industry’s eco-movement by developing instruments crafted from sustainable woods and innovative alternative materials.

Cole Clark

“Cole Clark guitars combine classical construction with innovative design and manufacturing techniques to provide a lighter, stronger, unique guitar with natural amplified sound.”

Crossroads Music is an Authorised Dealer for Cole Clark.




Buy the best Tanglewood guitars at Crossroads. This british brand is very popular and prices start at $199.




Guild is one of the world’s historic guitar manufacturers with a long-standing reputation for building iconic musical instruments. From the New York jazz scene in the 1950s, Richie Havens’ legendary performance at Woodstock, to Seattle’s Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, Guild guitars helped create some of the greatest music in history. With a tradition built on old world craftsmanship, quality, and value, Guild guitars have always been made to be played.



Every Cort acoustic guitar is carefully crafted in Cort’s own factory. Every aspect of creating an acoustic guitar is considered and every detail is important.

Crossroads stock a full range of Cort Acoustic Guitars and Ukeleles and are one of our most sold brands.



Established in Germany in 1978, Martinez has been developed in Minyard. Alex Wang, Wolfgang Peter Jellinghaus, Kenneth Robert Hill in 2005 for the passion with the guitar. In the recent five years Martinez has gained increasing popularity and support among customers and guitarists. A combination of handcraftsmanship and modern machinery is used together with selected quality wood. Martinez follows strict wood processing and good after-sales service. Martinez was registered by Minyard as a global brand in 2009. It owns its fame for continuous research and development. The guitar building has possessed many patents. Martinez is growing rapidly together with customers.