Electric Guitars


Ibanez Guitars have, for more than thirty years been one of the most innovative, collectable, popular and best value instruments available to players across the world.

Schecter Guitar Research

Schecter Guitar Research is one of the world’s premier guitar companies, offering electric guitars, basses and acoustic guitars  to musicians around the world in more than 150 countries.  Its continually evolving and expanding line of guitars and basses appeals to a broad spectrum of players and diverse musical styles. Schecter offers high-quality instruments with professional components at an affordable price. We stock a large range of Schecters in store.


Cort Guitars

Cort as one of the largest guitar makers in the world offers a large range and styles of electric guitars and basses to suit different guitarists’ needs and music genres.

Cort is one of Crossroads highest selling guitar brands as they are a popular choice as an entry level instrument because they offer excellent quality at an affordable price.

Danelectro Guitars

Danelectro was an American manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories, specializing in rock instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and effects units. Danelectro always made insanely great gear. They pioneered tube amps in the 40’s. Their guitars were king of the rock scene in the 50’s and 60’s – Top players still love them – Collectors snap them up! Crossroads’ current range of Danelectro reissues are made in Korea, are built to original specifications, and still have all the mojo and vibe of the original instruments.

J&D Luthiers Guitars

J&D Luthiers guitars have built a steady reputation for excellent quality and value in the mid level market over the last 12 years, and all the guitars we’ve had here at Crossroads have proven this reputation to be very well founded. Quality materials & packed full of features at a great price is why we sell and recommend J&D Luthiers.